Haul of Beads (by Arina Pradhita)

I love uniqueness cuz it's one of a kind. I love differences cuz that's what got us into unity. I love trying different stuff cuz there's always excitement behind it. I appreciate every single second of my life cuz everything happen for reason. I love the journey of love cuz it lets me know there will always someone who cares about me :)

Arina Pradhita | 20 y.o
Love do things she loves |art|DIYs|sing|sewing|cook|make-up|dress-up|travel|dance|etc.|

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This is the very very main reason why as the daughter and son we should really really love, respect, care and do every good else things to our mama.. ♥♥♥ mama #love #mama #instagood #instadaily #instafact

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