Haul of Beads (by Arina Pradhita)

I love uniqueness cuz it's one of a kind. I love differences cuz that's what got us into unity. I love trying different stuff cuz there's always excitement behind it. I appreciate every single second of my life cuz everything happen for reason. I love the journey of love cuz it lets me know there will always someone who cares about me :)

Arina Pradhita | 20 y.o
Love do things she loves |art|DIYs|sing|sewing|cook|make-up|dress-up|travel|dance|etc.|

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The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline. You can sit around and dream, but if you want to make it happen put a timeline and hold yourself accountable and then stuff starts happening.
Phillip C. McGraw (via simply-quotes)

(via simply-quotes)

Forget about the expression, at least i did the make up hahahahha :))) waddaya think?? #makeup #inspiration #fx #krystal #redlight

So tonite i decided to work on an inspired make up look from krystal f(x) ‘red light’ make up concept in which one eye is wearing full make up while the other not much.. i dunno if you can see it.. i might post it in my blog as well #krystal #redlight #f(x) #makeupspiration

Okay, lets move on!! #quotes #sherlockholmes #moveon

These people are the most enjoyable people to make fun of. Mau di ledekin kayak apa, dibulibuli, diguyonin, dingejlebin, dicacimaki.. smuanya tetep digawe guyonan.. being w/ ‘em taught me whatever happens in life, enjoy it, cherish and always take the good side :) #afs #ybamalang #jokesarevitamin #laughingishealthy #lifeisgood

Breaking dawn #batu #dawn #instadaily

Masih ada.. hahahhaha… dulu bela2in banget koleksi album good charlotte dan puter tiap hari sampe blenger.. bahkan album super junior paling pertama pun ada.. sayang cuma tinggal bungkusnya doang.. #throwback #cassettes #goodtimes

SAat 3 generasi berkumpul d nikahan sepupu.. ortus, anak, cucu.. ruamene tala.. regram fr @herlywinda @arlikminnie

Hal paling hauce tentang segala macam perlonting-balap-an adalah lentonya. Biar makin pingin nih tak kasih piring kosong :)))) #sby #kuliner

Selfie duyu… w/ ma litel bero :)) #sby #selfie