Haul of Beads (by Arina Pradhita)

I love uniqueness cuz it's one of a kind. I love differences cuz that's what got us into unity. I love trying different stuff cuz there's always excitement behind it. I appreciate every single second of my life cuz everything happen for reason. I love the journey of love cuz it lets me know there will always someone who cares about me :)

Arina Pradhita | 20 y.o
Love do things she loves |art|DIYs|sing|sewing|cook|make-up|dress-up|travel|dance|etc.|

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Wrapping up the night with Jim Moriarty’ face on screen. Can’t believe just finish watching Sherlock Holmes and now have to wait for another 2 years! Hope the time worth waiting :)
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"Wajah itu dirawat, bukan diedit" -NN
Wakaka quote ngejleb yaa… @treviputri
*karena camera 365 lebi extreme dr 360*

These fabulous people… #afs #binabud #ybamalang

Karena sedang liburan dan daripada nganggur, I decided to re-activate my personal blog.. yah itung2 sharing juga lah.. if you don’t mind and have time please kindly visit my blog yaaa haulofbeads.blogspot.com semoga infonya biar dikit bisa manfaat amiinn c: #myblog #blogger #holiday

Liburan kali ini daripada nganggur saya putuskan untuk re-activate blog yg udah lama terbengkalai.. yaahh itung2 sharing juga lah haha… if you have time and don’t mind please visit yaa haulofbeads.blogspot.com hohhoho tengkyuuu c: #myblog #blogger #blogging #holiday

Haloo jadi ceritanya saya lagi poseng ngerjain uts, jadilah saya main2 bentar ngebuat DIY HONEY LIPSTICK ini… awalnya mau pakenlipbalm aja, sayangnya lipbalmnya kebakar habis pas dipanasin hahaha.. jadilah mengorbankan lipstik satu2nya hiks..
Maduitu bagus untuk kelembapan bibir, dan pas saya coba.. ternyata teksturnya kebih creamy dan terasa lebih lembab sama manis2 madu gitu rasanyaa hahaha… yasuda kalo gitu saya balik ngerjain uts dulu ya… sudah puas eksperimennya wkwkwkkw makasiii c:
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At this very precious moment i want to share something that people said ‘the older you get, the faded it gets’, which is dream. Remember the day when you were still a kid? What was in your mind when you were imagining about the future?? There were countless answer came out from our very own innocent lips. And that is how we felt the world was wonderful.

i did too had forgotten dream once i was posessed. Back in the days in my Junior High through Senior High i was dreaming to be a singer. Thanks to all those K-Pop singers they made me listens to their songs pretty much every single day, which eager me to have a dream to be a singer. I would say those were beautiful days in my life, which i will never regret for going through one c:

I have never been in any vocal experiences before hand ( i played traditional music but never once touched vocal). I started to pursue my dream by learning singing by myself (yes i am ottodidac!). internet was one big sources for me to learn how to sing. I went online searching for some singing discussion group, copy paste all the things written, print it, stick it in my room and practice :)  

I singalong a lot, which sometimes bothers my family and got scolded by parents kekeke c: however i was ignorance and just went on c:My vocal range was short back then, i couldnt reach high note. that’s why i sometimes screamed, hoping to reach one. This what usually bother my neighbor too.. haha sorry c:

i started to join singing competition in High School. My first one was held by the Japan Study Program in Brawijaya University, it was in 2007 (I forgot the name huhu), where i happened to sing BoA’s Every Heart (OST. Inuyasha) and OST. One litre of tears (which i forgot the title). The song was actually hard since the vocal range are wide, i didnt get to reach some notes precisely keke c:

Things went on and my vocal was even more practiced in my Exchange Year. I sang everyday in my room, pretty much when no one is around. And also in the middle of the night, i sneaked out to the basement and stay up until 2am… to sing, so no one could hear me. This is the first time i reveal this secret, even my host family didnt know.. well only me and God know, and the cat moonshine who slept in the bsement kekeke…

During this time I got the chance to know this one girl with wonderful voice named Myleena. She greeted me on Physical Education class and asked me if I like K-Pop. that’s how i get my k-pop fan friend in US. She knew i like singing and introduced me to a Asian-pop singing discussion group called karaokenatics.net  where i got the chance to know many people from around the world with the same interest: Asian pop and singing YAY! 

I was introduced to song cover trough the group discussion. I joined projects where i happened to cover the vocal part of some artists. I even did individual song cover and upload it on the web. It was awesome. Yes Im telling you song cover is awesome! c:

I joined some competition back in here. I did made it to top 10 and 5. There was one time when i paused in the middle of singing due to shore throat that i had. I was sorry to the judges, but they insist me to kept going. the judges told me ‘when on stage the only thing that we have to do is deliver the best. Audience wouldnt care whether you are sick or not. All they care about is the fact that you are singing in front of them, ready to give your best shot.’ what a precious c:

I dont remember when, but around these time was the time when i decided to give up the dream being a singer. there were pressures back then and were lots of disbelieves, even from my closest people. I see myself for not giving as high effort as i can, I was sad and was seeing the picture of the impossibility of my dream to come true. I was down, and i told my dream: ‘Fly, away as you can. if faith determined to cross us, we’ll meet again sometimes.’ Yep, that’s the time when i told it to go. i kept it with me the whole time, yet had to let it go. It felt empty. yes it is empty.

however Im not 100% giving my dreams up. i keep singing up until today. i joined choir, the proper one (finally) in College. this is when my vocal finally get a proper practice. that is why i was always excited to practice since i will get new techique and knowledge each time. 

I would say that my vocal ability today is better than how it used to kekeke c: remember i told you i wasnt able to sing BoA Every HEart song when it reached high notes? I can do it now  YAY! now i dont need to scream as i used to.. which is good for the neighbor kekekeke c:

Well, that was my novel story with my dream of being a singer. I might not be a singer, but i will keep singing. It is one thing i enjoy the most. 

Having dream was great. it kept you alive and living up your life. it lit up your life, it does. it gives you hope, it gives you courage, curiosity, it gives you eager, most importantly, it gives you lessons and direction.

for those who still have dreams, live on with it. give your best and make it come true. for those who had give up, look for one. It is never too late to have one again c:

for those who start losing confidence on dreams, shut up and look. there’s no reason for giving up. no matter how you see impossibility, there were always possibility. dont be like me kekekeke c:

you may face hardship in pursuing dreams. dont worry, hardships are what makes you even closer to it c: those who said you cant? walk the talk. tell them they’renot God judge. Live on c:

For me? I did letting it go. I dont possesed it anymore. However I’m happy at this stage. I might not have it anymore, but I still am be able to walk along with it. C:

with love,

Arina c:

Halo halo selamat malaaammm c:

Today I feel like posting ya c: sempet mau posting review on some beauty products, but i decided to work on it later c:

Saya sebenarnya jarang banget di make-up sama orang, toh kalaupun dimake-up yang pertama kali itu pas TK waktu mau karnaval. Udah lupa juga hehehe. Make up skill saya sampai sekarang sebenarnya merupakan hasil belajar otodidak yang paling banyak didapat dari nonton video di Youtube. Masih basic sih kalau dibanding orang lain hohoho… maklum kurang jam terbang… however i really want to level up my skill  yay!!!

So I was at first hook up into make up in elementary school ya waktu diperkenalkan sama bedak oleh Ibu. Masih ingat banget dulu rajin bedakan tiap pagi ke sekolah, gak menor-menor amat sih, cuman sret-sret cliingg.. setelah itu kenalan sama yang namanya pembersih dan pelembab. Ini karena kulitku waktu kelas 6 SD mulai ‘tratak-en’ which is banyak kulit mati mengelupas sendiri jadinya mbrintis di wajah. Waktu itu ingat dipinjami Ibu La Tulipe Moisturizer. Uwenak banget, karena dia water base jadinya cocok untuk kulitku yang sebenarnya bermnyak tapi lagi kering. Lembab banget rasanya setelah pakai C:

Lanjut ke SMP saya ga pakai apa-apa kecuali bedak, kadang-kadang mbersihkan muka juga pakai facial milk and toner. Waktu jamannya Pramuka mbolang kemana-mana saya jadi anggota yang paling rajin pake sun block sampe ndemblok. Sayang tetep aja item kalah sama matahari L

Waktu SMA awal-awal juga dont put up much make up… tapi itulah titik awal ketertarikan yang sebenarnya hohohoho J Waktu masih kelas X saya sudah tahu shading hidung dari acara dangdut di  TV, dan karena hidung juga gak terlalu mancung, jadilah saya pakai shading hidung tiap hari ke sekolah. Masih inget waktu itu pakai pensil alis Ibu yang udah ga kepakai. But nobody notice unless i told them lohh… huohhohoho x)

Here comes the peek point…

Ketertarikan terhadap dunia make-up dan segala macamnya mulai benar-benar tumbuh saat saya pertukaran pelajar ke USA. Awalnya karena pengaruh sekitar sih, since everybody was wearing makeup everywhere they go, even to school. Mulai saat itu saya mencoba memakai eyeliner dan mascara. Masih ingat banget pakai eyeliner cair belepotan kemana-mana, pakai mascara mata rasanya lengket ga karuan hehehe… Awalnya saya ga pernah beli disana karena dari Indo saya sudah sangu satu set make up lengkap hasil belanja sama Ibu (Merknya PIXY, sama facial wash Shinzui).

Ketertarikan saya terhadap K-Pop membuat saya lebih tertarik lagi menyelami dunia make up. Tidak hanya lagu dan MV nya, saya mulai memperhatikan penampilan para personilnya dan bagaimana mereka dandan. Karena penasaran, saya pun pergi ke youtube dan mencari beberapa tutorial make up yang mainly Asian, karena kalau western based kurang sesuai sama bentuk wajah n mata saya hehehe… Ingat banget waktu itu videonya mbak-mbak Amrik keeturunan Korea, kalau ga salah dia doing a tutorial on some Korean artist i dont remmber hehe.. dari sini saya mulai kenal yang namanya winged eyeline, cat eye, eyebrow shaping, dkk.

I was pretty much playing with make up thingy since… i got some stuff wrong applied.. well, i was experiencing wkwkwkwk… karena ga mau buang banyak-banyak, i even done my own make up for Senior prom c:

Nah, kemampuan saya semakin terasah waktu kelas XII SMA sehabis balik dari US. Waktu itu saya paling rewel masalah kena panas. Kemana-mana bawanya sunblock wkwkwk. Tiap kali keluar main pasti pakai makeup lengkap dari eyeshadow sampai blush on semua diapakai. Kadang bahkan ke sekolah ehhehe.. ditambah lagi teman di kelas yang juga perhatian banget sama penampilan… makin menjadi hehehe. Bahkan kita sering main salon-salonan di kelas waktu ga ada pelajaran c: In class, i was in charge for make-up. Bagian wardrobe ada sendiri, bagian skincare a da sendiri huahahah it was a good time.

Waktu kelas XII inilah saya mulai kenalan sama cosmetic brands from korea mulai dari Etude, Baviphat, Skinfood, name it. Ini karena teman sekelas saya jualan kosmetik c: makin menjadilah saya.

Waktu awal-awal kuliah sempet banget rajin ke kampus pake makeup… eyeline paling wajib. But seiring berjalannya waktu malas juga, jadi sekarang jarang-jarang pakai. Tapi tetep, saya masih kritis sama produk2 begitu. Much of my money goes to makeup and skincare. Peuuuhhh -____________-

Yap, begitulah cerita singkat tapi panjang dari saya. Yap I do Love Make up. Hehehehe… thank you very much… sorry i couldnt provide some pics c:


Ceritanya punya pouch unyu item putih.. sayang im not a big fan of plain black n white.. daripada bosen warnai aja deh pake spidol c: #DIY #pouch #colored

So I’ve decided to change my tumblr name to haulofbeads.tumblr.com from the previous one (hellohai.tumblr.com)

i like beads and i like the word haul. as simple as that HA!